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          The dream of the flamingos 

The dream of the flamingos is a grant from the city of Hialea in Miami, FL in which the city commissioned to the artist make a large format mural at the John . F. Kennedy Library .

The artist incorporated in the work elements that represent the City of Hialeah as we can see in the main figure of the artwork that is a flamingo, symbol of the city ,the book is in honor of the Library, the landscape that we can appreciate in the background of the artwork represents the Everglades (protected natural area of the City of Miami) and the portraits found on every corner of the work are part of the series of flowery women that the artist has been working for years now.

Amelia District.

"This Mural was a project I did in Miami, Florida for the Amelia District, based on the name of the place I decided to make this painting that covers an entire three-story building, it was a great challenge for me because of the height and size of the building, It was the first time I worked on such a big painting. It is a tribute to the American aviator Amelia Earhart."

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